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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
Hi. That's me. Not my greatest work ever, I'll admit.
I really liked your work on Part One. I think you were sick for the later sessions, if memory serves... and it does kinda throw off the voice.

Maybe you can get the luxury of rercording some if you ever get back in the chair.

That said, man... I think Cryptic must have been hazing you by casting you in that part. I mean, Kurland is one of those characters where half the people I talk to HOPE he's an Undine or a traitor or someone whose pushy dad (the kid from TNG, presumably being his dad?) shoved into Starfleet because... Well...

His record as commander of DS9 is VERY spotty, especially when you play the missions in order. Sisko lost command once in wartime in six years. Kurland loses command three or four times back to back in what seems like a few days or maybe even a few hours. I realize some of that is probably incidental but it's so blatant, I think the content guys should run with it.

It reminds me of Azuria in City of Heroes and how the main thing she became known for in the community was that EVERYBODY thought she was a secret villain. Or a bit of Malfurion in WoW. (I think the lines you recorded while sick somehow reinforced this further because it makes Kurland sound cranky, tired, and more than a little ungrateful. Again, I don't think it reflects on you aside from being sick but it reinforced the idea that Kurland was joyless and maybe easily corruptible.)

If I had my way, I'd be all for exercising your acting chops and giving Kurland a full heel turn. Those can be overdone in MMOs (questgiver/vendor betrays the players) but STO doesn't have many of them, which is funny since the plot is FULL of excuses for betrayals (Iconian cultists, mirror imposters, Undine, controversial wars, economic and social unrest).