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What's stopping a Klingon player from using a battlecruiser like a healer?

Both factions have their relative advantages and disadvantages, and have things that the other does not. I'll admit that KDF is somewhat underdeveloped compared to Starfleet (which I consider to be somewhat bloated with content), but you are still crying foul over every advantage you perceive the Federation to have. In the case of Federation cruisers however, you must realize that cruisers are only capable of doing one thing well. Furthermore, unlike KDF battlecruisers, Federation cruisers do not appear to have been designed with carriers in mind; if you have recently compared Fed's options for carriers to their cruisers, you'll notice that carriers are actually better than the cruisers in practically every respect worth noting.
If you devote more boff ability slots to outgoing healing abilities, that's less slots you have available to boost your own attack abilities. That's what I was thinking of when I said that, anyhow.

For example, you might have to sacrifice an EptW skill to make room for an ES or ET skill to support teammates. That's a reduction in firepower in exchange for healing.

That's also why I said they're more suited for self-healing. . .because that way, they're ensuring they stay in the fight long enough to use their firepower effectively.

As for 'crying foul' over Federation advantages. . .my personal perspective on it is this: I'm fine with each faction having their own strengths and weaknesses. I prefer it that way, it makes the factions different in more ways. However, I do not know if Cryptic follows that same logic (and, from what I've seen, they probably don't), and I also keep seeing Federation players demand KDF exclusives. My thinking is this: If the Federation want battlecruisers, they should simultaneously be pushing to give the KDF a dedicated and effective science ship line. If they want something cool that's KDF, they need to be willing to give up something of theirs that's cool. This hasn't been the case, as the Federation has gotten a few concepts from the KDF without any exchange at all (again, the most prominent example would be the carriers).

As for the Federation cruisers being 'less flexible'. . .I don't really care, ultimately. Most of the folks loudly complaining about that are the ones trying to fly them as something they're not meant to be. They're supposed to be support healers and whatnot. If they're 'less performing' than battlecruisers or carriers, then so be it. The KDF has the advantage in those particular classes, it should stay that way until the Federation is willing to give up a few of its advantages to the KDF (such as the stronger escorts and the science ship line).

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