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03-28-2013, 01:53 PM
Originally Posted by livinrtb View Post
Heya Naz

have i got build for you. I call it the Wizards 1st Rule and it is as bad azz as they come, my bet is once you try it you will be done with escorts for a while. Just drop me line in game and we can pop on boot camp server and I will link ya the build.

Good Luck And Have Fun Out There...
sad the "im special cus i know, come beg me to tell you'

attitude has proliferated. check any of my toons on gateway, no cheats to hide.

oh and ur fail cruiser not only will never get a shot off vs any decent escort, but it will be insta vaped by true spike.

summary- fail cruisers can replace fail escorts with no change in the outcome of the match.