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Originally Posted by bluegeek View Post
I can assure you that Sci is certainly not OP.

They have a few effective heals and buffs, weak offense and generally weak CC/debuff. Maybe if fewer of the CC/debuff abilities available to them hadn't been gimped in favor of tactical abilities they wouldn't need such a powerful ability as subnuc to put them on a more equal footing. I'll be in favor of nerfing subnuc when some other sci powers get a favorable balance pass.

Plus, subnuc is only as effective as the timing of the Science captain using it. Once it's been used, most of the tactical abilities can recycle much faster than it can. And the escort can evade and recover a lot easier than anybody else.

Also, Science captains have more skills to put points into than they have skill points to spend and in Space that lends itself to either overspecialized builds or weak ones. If you're getting whacked by a Sci, he's probably overspecialized in a specific area where you haven't loaded up on counters/resists.

I'd be willing to bet there's a chance that the fix for the SNB/BP bug results in an unfavorable change to subnuc, so a few people calling for a nerf might get their wish after all...
Thats a matter of opinion...
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