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03-28-2013, 03:24 PM
I have to agree the interface ui is very simple and not as nice and functional as the current one imo. I do like the 3d ship in players ship interface window tho instead of a static image. Also the character selection screen is kinda nice to see ur ship but at the same time meh the bridge looked really nice and will be a shame to remove.

As far the interface goes on tribble right now, it looks like not even 50% done. If this is true then fair enough i will judge when its near 85% or better. But so far its not very nice and i really wouldnt like to play this game if it looked like this imo.

Gotta say tho i do like the new contact window when in space, it now has a bridge showing around the contact your talking to like your chatting via viewscreen. VERY cool. Tho the text and rewards sections need alot of moving around to make this work better as it stands is very ugly in design. I think one way i can try to help advise this is to seperate rewards info and images away from the mission description box i.e text should be in top, mission rewards underneath in a seperate with a clear line showing its seperate and then interface choicse on the bottom right or hell if u can another bottom seperator box and stick them in there. Would look far nicer imo.