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Originally Posted by kimmym View Post
I wasn't attacked when I was told, "Whether it's a "big deal" or not is a matter of opinion. If you had a fully formed ego you'd know this"?

Yeah... whatever... thanks for it. I was trying to help... Way to go.
Which was chuckingram's comment - one of only two posts he's made in this thread in fact so I'd suggest you direct your ire at him rather than me - I just wanted to present a different point-of-view on how to use these weapons in a very effective fashion - one that you dismissed out of hand.

Originally Posted by kimmym View Post
I did denote it as a matter of opinion... first letters of the line... IMO...
And then went on to tell me that I was wrong because of all these tests and parses you've done when in fact, I'm not wrong - it's really very simple and honestly, I think the reason you thought the Aux DHCs were 'starter weapons' is because it never occurred to you that you might actually be able to 'min max' a Captain and Ship around them.

Originally Posted by kimmym View Post
Thanks... I'll remember that next time somebody asks for help.
Perhaps the next time someone asks for help, you might be open-minded enough to accept that other people may have found other ways around the issues you weren't able to? You might even find it interesting.

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