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03-28-2013, 03:34 PM
I recently watched the Voth episode of Voyager. They actually beamed Voyager inside the City ship. I have to revise estimate of the size of the city ship. It is more like 1000+ times the size of Voyager. The voth scientists downloaded the entire Voyager database in an instant.

This hints of serious power and 20 million years of Doctrine that is some serious attitude like rule tha galaxy complex attitude. They could even be the race to obliderate the Borg once and for all.

Imagine Starfleet Scientists uncovering a temporal archive of older Voth records. Proving even to the Voth the distant origin theory is true. The entire Voth civilization heads to Earth with a serious case of home sickness.

They see themselves as being the first race in the galaxy! Therefore they have rights over everyone else. Determining the fate of the federation and the Galaxy. Or something like that.

Either that or the Voth discover their own archive and prove the theory themselves.

Another possiblity is the Voth have a political and civil upheavel. Some leave Voth society to go to earth to study their old home. We would be like play things to them.

Perhaps the Voth even have tech to deal with the medalsom Q!

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