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Originally Posted by kimmym View Post
And I was attacked long before any of those posts, thanks. Dish it out but can't take it? I see.
No, it's not a case of not being able to take it at all. I have been very patient in this thread. I also have no wish for confrontation.


Hello, my name is Darramouss, let's start again without ANY hostility from either side.

My point that I originally wanted to query (aux cannons being affected by both eapons and aux power levels) has been answered. Thank you.

Further to that, I don't agree that they should be. The cannons get their power from the aux system. To my mind if the aux system is feeding them power then they should be firing.

Yes, people may argue that if weapons are down then targeting should be down, hence no aux cannons. I woud argue against this point on the basis that you are still able to fire and hit with abilities like the deflector beam or graviton pulse, both of which are deflector abilities, when weapons are down.