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03-28-2013, 04:45 PM
Originally Posted by kimmym View Post
/em salute

I agree, and I'm sorry for that hideous display of agression.

I can go either way on the issue, but I do understand the reasoning. If aux cannons are not affected by the weapons subsystem going out then there is no way to really lock down a Vesta.

Could it be ok? I think it probably could stand. They are only DHCs in aux, so you can just get out of the way. Hell, disabling engines might be a better way to handle it in the first place =P.
Bygones and all. I think everyone in this thread should follow our example. Life is too short to argue.

If you knock the aux system offline then you cripple weapons AND sci output. I'd go so far to say that that is more damaging than a sci ship with regular weapons. On a sci ship with regular weapons if you know aux offline it can still fire. If you knock weapons it still has sci abilities.