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Originally Posted by anazonda View Post
Thats a matter of opinion...

No argument there.

Totally my own semi-informed opinion and entirely subject to error.

However, I do stand by it.

I had no idea how much easier and faster the game plays as a tacscort until I rolled one. In comparison, it's practically effortless (in normal PvE). I blow right through stuff my other characters struggled with, and even when I'm on the verge of "kablooey" it's still more fun in some ways.

Could my engcruisers and sciscis do better? Probably. I know more about the game now than I did then and I'm gradually making adjustments. But it's still nowhere near as easy and the learning curve is steeper.

And I am totally going to put my sci in a vesta when the time is right. There's your OP, and about time, too.
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