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03-28-2013, 05:23 PM
Originally Posted by zer0niusrex View Post
[*]Captains can now choose to remove the "U.S.S./I.K.S" prefix from certain starships and shuttles in the Rename Starship interface.
  • This option is available for the following ships:
    • Class F Shuttle
    • Ferengi Shuttle
    • Peregrine Fighter
    • Vulcan Tal'Kyr Shuttle
    • Caitian Stalker Fighter
    • Tholian Fighter
    • Aeon Time Shuttle
    • Rozhenko Time Shuttle
    • Toron Shuttle
    • Type 8 Shuttle
    • NX Class starship
why no Delta Shuttle?

the UI looks like a preety early WIP, but the thing that I'm concerned about is no fix for the Maco Elite Accolade