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UI Feedback -

- I EXTREMELY DISLIKE not being able to spin my character during the "Race & Class" section of the character creator. You ought to be able to spin the character from any point when making a character to observe it properly. Please do not take any bad ideas from Neverwinter.

- There seemed to be in-continuity to picking faces / hair in the character creator's basic editor. If you merely hover over a face, you see a preview of it actually on the model before selection. But, if you try to hover over hair ... nothing happens. You need to actually SELECT hair to see it. Why is this? This seems unusual and inconsistent with how the other column works.

- I feel like if I open up the advanced character creation options, the basic character creation options (by that I mean the columns holding pictures of people's faces and hair and what have you) ought to go away. I don't need them. I'm not using them. The only thing they serve to do while I'm in the advanced option is obstruct the view of my characters shoulders and arms which I find kind of annoying. The UI is good but the basic mode makes it feel very cramped around my character. I understand if that's necessary, but in the advanced section? It's really not necessary at all.

- Hovering over the buttons next to "Torso Scaling Options" in the advanced editor yields messages such as "Reset All Values of Head" and "Randomize All Values of Head". The randomize value buttons don't work, and dragging the sliders around didn't work either: the values wouldn't "stick". The only way they'd stay in place is if I use the arrows to adjust them. Likewise, hovering over the buttons next to "Arms and Hands Scaling Options" yeilds "Reset All Values for Base Complexion" which I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with, and also next to "Lower Body Scaling Options" the button tool tips read "Reset All Values of Earrings". ... huh.

- After picking a basic head for the Alien part of the character creator, and then trying to select pieces from the advanced section, none of my selections would stick.

- Where's the save/load costume button? I need a save/load costume button please. Please. Please please please or RAAAGGE.

Inside the Game


I can really find no complaints here. Granted I haven't delved into the chat system yet but ... everything else looks great.


If your bridge officer pops up in space, he should have a bulkhead or technical screen behind him, not look like he's in the viewscreen. That's the ONLY critique I can find!
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