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Originally Posted by maicake716 View Post
have you ever played as a science toon?

how about as ascience ship?

how about both at the same time?

I have played a sci toon with a BoP and in an fed escort. TBH, I always let my other pandas play sci (jorf). I mainly did tac and later eng with a sci thorian carrier. I was becoming a good healer before I decided to quit. In the past I have always have played tac, and yes I have felt the wraith of SCI. Hell most of the time mai you were one of my favorite targets.

When I or some other tac would call we sometimes had to hold targets until sci had some cc or snb (mainly snb) or strip ready.

Tell me mai if sci was so weak why does each major pvp fleet bring them into battle? Granted, its not a stupidly op as it was a couple of seasons back. Nonetheless they can make a tac life miserable.
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