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03-28-2013, 04:31 PM
Hey, having a weird issue.

My macros don't work. I don't have the benefit of a gaming keyboard, so I'm using software to activate certain abilities in certain sequences (something that STO's default keybind option can't do).

So for instance, when I hit the 2 key, my program uses control send to activate the powers in the second column (number 0, by the keybind settings) starting at the row 0, then row 1, then row 2. This way I can activate my tactical buffs in sequence rather than having to button mash, like I did back when I had the default keybinds.

However with the new tribble patch, while I can confirm that the program is sending the commands to the game (it'll type in the chat box when I have it selected), when I don't have the chatbox selected.... nothing. Not even that error/can't activate noise, so I'm wondering if you guys did something to disable or limit macro functionality.

Again, as I lack a fancy keyboard, if this is intentional it really seems to me like yet another "Well you should go out and spend 300$ on a keyboard if you don't want to button mash all day" sort of thing, which is IMO kind of elitist. I don't have 300$ to spend on a fancy keyboard.