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03-28-2013, 04:42 PM
Originally Posted by ncc74656dc View Post
i would like to suggest a "ship scrapage scheme".like the car scrapage scheme in britain if you trade in an old car you get money of a new one.i think ships bought in the c store could be applied to this and it would encourage more people to buy new ships for a reduced price
That wouldn't really make sense. The issue there is that in the real world, you get money but in exchange, they get something valuable (an old car). In this proposal, you're asking them to take something which is worthless to them, and give you something valuable in exchange. Yeah, it would result in more C-store purchases, but they'd effectively be giving them to you for free (since you got free Zen for turning in your old ship anyways).

The only reason to do that would be if they, for some reason, are trying to get more new ships and fewer old ships in the game, for reasons other than just making money.