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03-28-2013, 05:46 PM
Originally Posted by thehavraha View Post
UI Feedback -

- I EXTREMELY DISLIKE not being able to spin my character during the "Race & Class" section of the character creator. You ought to be able to spin the character from any point when making a character to observe it properly. Please do not take any bad ideas from Neverwinter.
^^^ agree with that completely.

I like the new ingame UI though I wish the colours were a little more vibrant, a little less flat perhapse. It is also very possible that I would simply prefer another colour than the orange I have set for my KDF.

The Pictures on the UI/HUD are a little dark, I would prefer them to be lighter colours. As they are black right now they contrast alot with the HUD, which itself contrasts with the black of the space around my ship.