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Bus fixed it

Originally Posted by JCSWW View Post
With threads about various Ten Forward well-known personalities around here, I started the Captain_Zero Is PURE AWESOMENESS Thread because Z was more than just a regular in the TenForwardForum chat. Z was appointed (by popular demand) to one of the 5 new A Fleet Called Ten Forward (AFCTF) admins, is the person behind and maintaining the TFBB, and is also one of three admins which oversee the 10ite community. I think Corban said it well in regards to this threads creation.

Originally Posted by Corban_Lewis
A thread that is well overdue. I need not mention the PVP aspect. Zero is also very community minded and not at all in your face with her supeior fighting abilities. Unless she's smacking you in the face with a rifle butt, or blowing your ship up for the 10th consecutive time. Oops, I mentioned it.
Dude! You are missed around here along with many others! Here are a few more posts from others, some of which no longer play.

Originally Posted by Vrano
Zero is a great person to chat with. Havn't ever PvP'd against her...much less against anyone I know, mainly because I know I suck, so rather not waste anyone's time with it, lol.
Originally Posted by Hairymanback
I would agree that Capt. Z is forged from solid awesomeness.

Below are a few thankful and complimentary posts made by a few of us over the life of this thread.

Originally Posted by MGDawson
Playing with Captain_Zero in STO doing the Deferi dailies cheered me up, especially as being ill was starting to depress me. Thanks Z.
Originally Posted by JCSWW
By the way. I'd like to thank Captain_Zero for all of the help in getting my Klingon upto Lt. General during the Double XP weekend and before. From Commander 10 upto Lt. General 1, Rex was leveling with my toon almost the entire time. Thank you so much Captain_Z! [=
Originally Posted by SenshiBat
The best little big bus that could... Avatar award..
Originally Posted by JCSWW
Just wanted to offer up a huge thanks to Z for all of the time we spent teamed last week to get our toons very close to VA. [= We still have a little more time to get those toons to VA before the F2P mess takes over.
Originally Posted by Gronk161
This is my first official post in this thread.

HI Z!!!!
Gronk braving the one of the forums he hates most to say hi to my buddy! [= The STO boards! :p