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03-28-2013, 05:01 PM
Originally Posted by abaddon653 View Post
So does everyone remember the fiasco with the anniversary event? Queues to log in up to and even over 1000, constant lag, DC after DC?
Login queues are not a problem; or at least, not a problem you can get ahead of. If you buy servers to get 100% ahead of usage spikes, you spend tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars on capacity that will only be used for days, and then sit idle again for months or years. You don't want login queues outside of surges, but they're absolutely a sign of healthy growth when they occur after a major content expansion. This happens to the entire industry, with the exception of games that don't have queues and just have massive lag and constant server crashes instead. Login queues are not the problem, they're the solution.

BTW, those queues exceeded 14k, not just 1k, and would have peaked even higher if they hadn't turned off the Foundry to expand capacity for normal play.

Now, if they start getting login queues during "normal" peaks, they have a capacity problem. Such as, during spring break or around Christmas, if neither coincides with a major content release.