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Originally Posted by wraithshadow13 View Post
I'm not really sure how that's running with my ball and again it's sounding to biased and angry not too mention that it sounds more like the KDF didn't sacrifice anything as it never had those things to begin with.

I've already listed a few ideas towards making it fair and more advanced, but i'd gladly give up the fifth console, I'd gladly allow the klingon ships to be upped stat wise, but that's not the argument i was making. If you're bitter about something by all means go ahead but don't start getting crazy on the forums over it as it's really not going to help your argument.

I'm not advocating buffing the fed cloak to make it OP, i've even said add a bigger Debuff when cloaked. All i'm saying is that

A: all cloak should be activated at will like battle cloak (since clarification is needed apparently)

B: There should be a faction specific advanced cloak for each faction based on the fact that the cloaking technology was already out dated by DS9 anyway.

As for going through a mine field, i'm not really sure why you would do that with out shields... it just seems silly.
And the question is, are people willing to give up something in stats to gain a battlecloak, something that really isn't as awesome and OP as some people like to think? I don't want more ships having the battlecloak, anyhow, because that's one of the few things keeping an entire ship class in the KDF relevant. That's one of several reasons, anyhow.

And make no mistake, BoP pilots sacrifice stats to get the battlecloak. They're also sacrificing to get the universal boffslots (which are useful, but aren't as awesome as they used to be due to universal boffslots being put on other ships). If they just wanted a cloak, they could fly a Fleet raptor, which outperforms the BoP in direct escort-to-escort fighting due to higher hull and shield mod, an extra weapon slot, and so on. Would Defiant pilots really be willing to give up something to get a battlecloak, something of only situational use?