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03-28-2013, 05:29 PM
Originally Posted by f2pdrakron View Post
... After you put it on the Lobi store as a upgrade?

I am saying that thanks to Tribble they kinda let the new Tholian Taskforce reputation on it, allowing everyone to see what it offers, you can even run the projects if you feel so inclined (well could if there was Tholian Marks available)

Let put this way, I am not against that but fact is YOU CHARGED LOBI FOR IT! and even if I dont own it (heck I dont even own a whole set, parts of a set yes with several characters but none complete) its still very in bad taste you decide to put it on the reputation system AFTER you decided to ask Lobi for a upgrade.

This is also a heads up, DONT BOTHER WITH THE BOXES since all you get is vendor trash, if you have boxes unopen SELL THEN NOW!

....or they noticed that they made a mistake putting this set into the Lobi Store in the first place, going a bit overboard with the whole Pay 2 Win shenanigans.

I did not touch Nukara for a few reasons after the initial look around, that the XII Set Upgrade was part of the Lobi Store was the biggest reason for me.
I did not even try to get it, just ignored the whole Zone because the Lobi Upgrade was screaming Pay 2 Win at me.

If they change their mind and actually put it in the game for free where it should have been in the first place, then i say GOOD!
And unless i absolutely have to, i still will not bother with Nukara, it is just a boring Farming Zone with absolutely no challenge, the Boss Battles are the only thing mildly entertaining, but the daily cooldown on those destroys any replayability there too.
Cross teaming between FED+KDF is also impossible... and getting a KDF group going... oh hell no.