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03-28-2013, 07:09 PM
Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
I'm not saying that this set will or won't be there, as things are still being decided on, but until there are Tribble patch notes about it, please remember that it's all not finalized and still WIP.
There are descriptions on abilities, I found then weaksource besides the T5 that I bet the cries of nerfing will be coming from the usual suspects.

So I checked the other descriptions, I seen ... cannot remember the exact name, it was something Tetryon that I suspect its a hybrid of some sort so I checked the rest and when I seen Cryo Launcher Mk X I guessed the rest but I have a good memory and I recalled there was a upgrade for it with Lobi.

Here is my advice ... LEAVE IT ALONE, its "Markless", of very, very, VERY limited use (current a grand total of one Adventure Zone and one Instance), certainly not at the level of STF sets and we dont need 2 worthless marks nobody gets because spending resources on them is a waste of time, reason people had Mk XI STF sets pre-season 7 was because they were free.

Oh and Syberghost, as it seems you failed to understand I meant [Tholian Equipment Requisition] boxes from Nukara, not I would be technically wrong with Lock Boxes either because, unless you dont play the game, getting then is easy and because of that they have no worth unless they are "retired" and even those dont really worth much.

Lock Box Keys are a different subject ...

Tholian Equipment Requisition boxes can go for some decent EC (like 200k), well the purple and blue ones as the green are worth crap because purple and blue have the chance to give part of the Crystalline set as the green do not, of course chances are you get a worthless EV suit and reason why they are worthless is because by EC value they are very low (I think even normal armor goes for more) and because the exchange is filled with them.