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Well I decided that if there's going be massive updates, let's all organize them. Here's what I've found:

- Cutting the Cord (as you may know) massively changed, Sela is now on ground speaking to Hakeev and cutting ties with him before beaming away. Sela is present at the beginning of the final battle (as she should be). The mission, as a result, is much more invigorating and wraps Hakeev's story nicely. Obisek is also there for most of the mission.

The dialogue scenes are not voiced and buggy.

- So apparently, starships are being changed. Models and names are different!

Bird of Prey = T'liss Light Warbird
Mogai = Mogai Heavy Warbird

- Romulans first rank is Sub-Lieutenant, Romulans start with the T'liss Light Warbird (PROOF:

- Romulan vessels implode due to their new Singularity Cores! It's a nice green implosion. Very nice.

- The Zdonia, Obisek's warbird, is the new design as seen in the LOR webpage (beginning of trailer).

Also maybe known as "SFC3"