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Completely out of topic, since I'm way beyond bothering discussing cloaks for the day.....but, what do you mean the Klingon don't have their original homeworld???

P.S. I don't really care about what kind of ships or cloak the Romulans get, what I'd like and care about is to keep this game as close to the canon parameters as possible, so it would feel like playing Star Trek more, rather than just casual MMO with a Trek skin over it.

Also, if you want your cloak to behave more like the one in the shows (battlecloak), this means that every Klingon ship should have a battlecloak, right?
You have every right to be confused, i was horribly wrong on that part. I'm refering to star trek VI, where the Moon above Qo'nos is destroyed, causing enough damage to the planet's Ozone. Had it not been for the Federation's help they wouldn't have had a home planet.

So i apologise for that.

As for the other bit YES, more so i feel that if all basic Cloak is all Battle cloak then KDF Battle cloak should in turn be he advanced version so all current battle cloak enabled ships should there for be able to fire projectiles while cloaked. Advanced battle cloak should be made into something new to reflect the changes in technology to which i tossed out the idea of a cloaking buoy in an earlier post, while the feds are still limited in which ships can use the cloak(i.e. only one per class).

Originally Posted by horridperson View Post
Federation players who persist in complaining about cloaks deserve cloaks that function just like the ones featured on the shows. Because you are such a fan of keeping things close to canon I'm sure you will agree the U.S.S. Pegasus is an appropriate canon reference for such a device.
Yes, very much so to the degree that the intagibility cloak should be the Federation Version of advanced cloak (again only usable by one of each class at t5 or fleet) while both the klingon side and the romulan sides should also get their own version of Advanced Battle Cloak as well.

Intagible cloak would mostly be for traveling with maybe a small chance to have torps miss it with the added debuff of mines or gravity wells doing more damage to it.

I'm not saying we need to take away what makes the KDF unique i'm saying we need to make it more like canon. It should be more advanced by now on all fronts as well as being able to activate it all at once. I wouldn't even mind if the KDF or RR got them as part of the ship while the feds still needed to equip them as consoles.