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Originally Posted by gulberat View Post
I don't know about sanders, but in my writing religion is not in a healthy state on Earth, unfortunately. However, there is still a minority who does practice. For example, it was not originally intended that Alyosha be raised in any sort of religion. He asked some tough questions about things he experienced, and had done, though--and those answers ended up leading him to the church.

I wonder how sander sees it?
My view is very similar.

I see Earth in the 24th/25th Century as basically being John Lennon's song "Imagine" come true, which in my mind makes for a very dull existence. (Fortunately the rest of the Federation and the galaxy at large has a bit more spice.)

Jesu was born into a long line of lapse Catholics - the sort who only attend church on holidays and family events (weddings, infant dedications and funerals.) They look forward to Carnivale - but Lent, not so much.

But its the only religious tradition Jesu has to fall back on when feels the need to unburden himself on a higher power. And even so he's so embarrassed to walk into a church that he has to create this holodeck fantasy and an alternate persona before he can bring himself to his knees.