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Short Term

1. Fix the Klingon side: The banks/exchange/mail on Qo' nos you have to go to a specific spot at any terminal to use. Thats been around for a while now guys!!!!

2. Cargo ships: There needs to be more sectors with these ships!!! The Klingons have no access in there sector. Also DS9 is a trading hub why is there no cargo ships going through.

3. Defera Borg Invasion: Why is there no bank or merchant? Wow you gave us a mailbox!

Mid Term

1. The KDF needs more ships, when was the last time they got ships? The bortas!!! come the KDF needs more support all around. Add new ships Tact, Engy, and Sci.

2. Loading into the same zone as your teamates. This is a huge problem. most time you join a group you can not get into that zone cause its full. This needs to be that way for space and ground. If you join a team you all go to the same instance.

3. Fix the All bugs before you make new content.

Long Term

1. Fix all the bugs before you make new content. Yes its a repeat!!!!!

1A. Before you make new content make sure your not going to end up killing the Fleets and Starbase. With the Roms coming out you have ultimately signed the death warrant for the KDF!!!

2. Fleet base: The amount of Dil it takes to complete any project is crazy! You have a 8k dil cap a day. Hello tier 3 takes 1 mil in dil to complete a small fleet can not hope to finish or achieve. Increase the Dil cap and make dil easier to get along with EC and EXP.

3. Fix the bugs before you make new content!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!