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Yay! Space pirates!

Terrific introduction to Lynathru. Wonderful descriptions of the Orion culture and their difficulties integrating with the Klingon Empire. Some of your senior officers seemed a bit stereotyped but I'm sure they'll be developed further down the line (Letheans give me the creeps too.)

I am eagerly anticipating many exciting piratical tales of swashbuckling adventure.

Why thank you, although at this point it will become a real choice of whether to focus my LC entries on Arkos or Lynrathu, especially since I have quite a few interesting story ideas for both.

As to the Notqa's BOFFs being stereotypical...true enough, but bear in mind that they're also being seen from the perspective of a very biased Captain. Just be thankful that I didn't include any Nausicaans on the bridge crew, THEN you would have seen a stereotype.