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03-28-2013, 08:22 PM
Alright, let's see here...

Ok, to start with, I see you are using a the experimental beam array. Take it off. You're better off switch to all plasma if you wanna keep it, or getting another disruptor BA.

Try and also keep to one set for your shield/engine/deflector. I recommend MACO, but any full set or a trio of Elite fleet gear will work.

Your consoles are fine, except I might recommend looking at taking off the Tachyokinetic and Romulan console, at least one of those two, and put on another Neutronium so you don't go squish the moment a stray borg torp comes at you. I'd have to say the Romulan console over the Tachyokinetic, because Tachy gives you a turn rate boost, always nice.

I also might recommend taking off the wide angle quantum. It's an excellent torp, but if you can get the Omega torpedo, that will finish out the set of the cutting beam, borg console, and torp, which will provide a proc once in awhile that will make you immune to damage for a couple seconds, always useful.

Also, what are you using the Flow Cap console for? It doesn't affect Disruptors. I'd recommend another Emitter console unless you are doing something with it.

Now, BOFFs...

Honestly, seem fairly ok except for that Aux to Battery you have. That transfers all your aux power off to your other systems, which is nice, but can your heals.

That said, I do have a couple other possible recommendations:

1. Aux to Battery build

If you can afford 3 Technicians, especially purples, you can run an A2B build which can reduce all your cooldowns on ALL your BOFf abilities tremendously. So something like this:


3 Technicians
1 Maintenence Engineer (If you wanna keep it on)


Cmdr Engineer: E-power to shields 1, Aux to batteries 1, RSP 2, ability of your choice (probably not aux to sif 3, won't get to use it often enough)
Lt Engineer: E-power of your choice (except shields), Aux to batteries 1
Lt. Cmdr Tac: TT 1, APB 1, FAW 3
Lt uni as a Tac: Torp ability, APD 1 or something else of your choice.
Ensign sci: HE 1

Basically what A2B builds do is allow you to use more variety of abilities, and only use single copies of abilities because every time you hit A2B, you reduce all your CDs by one-third (if using purple DOFFs). So you have access to your abilities considerably quicker. It's a specialized build, but an effective one.

Because of it, you can even afford to take the Lt. Universal and make it a science to add in like a TSS and a tractor beam or something.

2. Single cannon/turret build

Now you don't have to use this build with the above stuff, it can be treated as it's own thing.

The galor has more than enough turn to make excellent use of single cannons and turrets. Even without A2B going, it's a great way of dealing pretty good damage and still not having to deal with a super-limited firing arc.


Fore weapons: 3 single cannons and your choice of either a torpedo or DBB, or 4 single cannons

Aft weapons: 3 turrets and a torp, mine, or cutting beam, or 4 turrets.

Lt. Cmdr tac: (Lots of options) TT1, CRF 1, then any of the following: THY 3, TS 3, APO 1, APD 2, APB 2, BO 3.

Lt. Uni as a tac (if you so chose): TT 1 (if not using A2B), CSV 1 or another attack pattern

You can also use CRF 2 instead of an attack pattern, though using APO is still an awesome skill.

And there's plenty of options beyond that even.

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