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Originally Posted by doogie74 View Post
When I purchased the pack for neverwinter, the STO reward item was not part of the option it was added after the fact.
Ditto. I bought my Neverwinter pack because it looks like an awesome game, and I intend to play it a lot for a long time. I have a job and a family, however, so I can't put in the grinding time some people can, and would rather use money for those things; so the pack gives me a big discount on a lot of things I'd end up buying anyway at regular prices.

The fact it comes with some cool stuff in other games is just gravy, for me; however, I do know of people who have been swayed off the fence by these additions, and the STO ones were the biggest draw for them.

I'm also getting some use out of the Blacklight: Retribution stuff, and if they ever fix the chat problems in RaiderZ I'll probably play that some as well, although frankly Neverwinter is a better implementation of the same ideas.

Not sure that I'll use most of the other game items, but maybe. Wish there was something for Champions Online in it. Hint hint, nudge nudge, PWE.
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