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03-28-2013, 10:17 PM
I have to agree, the transparency is beautiful to a degree, but there needs to be shading so one can differentiate what you're looking at. I spent five minutes hunting through the options for an opacity slider.

The Aeroglass look is gorgeous and lets you see more of the screen, but at the moment it's WAY too transparent. I had issues reading everything.

I am also not seeing any icons in inventory, trays, or anywhere else.

I would also like to see the bars back on the sliders in the character creator, I use those for guidelines.

I also love the widescreen view of officers in the dialogue screen, nice touch

I did have an issue of when dialogue boxes popped up the chat box also popped up, because the NPC was speaking. Rather annoying.

Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
so are romulan npc ships using disruptors, with this new half shield half hull debuff, or 'romulan plasma' weapons now?

that half hull, half shield debuff sounds like a romulan elite fleet weapon to me.

personally, i think plasma weapons, or the 'romulan plasma' with the disrupter proc should be the romulan energy type. in cannon i doubt they have the same type of disruptors as klingons, in game that could just be represented as plasma weapons.

i wanna see this UI! and see these rom NPCs for my self. put the d'deridex defender back in too! an npc that actually acted like a player ship, sorta
Worf: The burns are from Type 3 disruptors.
Riker: Great. That narrows it down to Romulan, Breen, and Klingon.
~Star Trek: Generations.

In canon Romulans use disruptors and Plasma torpedoes. That said, I agree, all Romulan ships should use the hybrid plasma disruptor weapons, it's only logical.
Yes I support This

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