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Originally Posted by whamhammer1 View Post
That is exactly what I have been asking for, yet those who claim to have the right set-up never seem to post it. Go figure.

Originally Posted by whamhammer1 View Post
Which one are you talking about? Those are just regular postings, I've been on that sub since its begining. The ones I saw that claim to do about 7-8k or so tended to have cannons (including my cannon/turret Excel'), spiral wave weaps' (not easy to equip unless you have a Galor) and such. Give us an exact example of what you are talking about please.

You stated that those who claim to have the right set-up never seem to post it. I showed a topic that did. In that post, Heretic called out for those that claim their cruiser builds CAN do insane damage, to post their builds. There are posts in that topic which are not what Heretic asked for, as far as high dps builds for cruisers, there are others that do. Yes I did post my tank build in there and posted the dps I received with it. I am not referencing my own build, as it would be seen as being biased. Unfortunately most of the posts in that topic did not list the dps they received with said build (including your own), so testing would be required before adopting them on a regular basis. To be honest, any build should be tested before settling on it, as individual playstyle can alter the effectiveness of a build.

The new Fleet Weapons are equal in stats to the Spiral Wave Disruptors. Now, these aren't exact numbers, but the Spirals have a damage listed (for me, ingame, unequipped) as 237 and the new Fleet Weapons have a damage listed as 240. Both have the Accx2 and Damagex2 modifiers. I have not switched over to the new Fleet Weapons, as the cost of dilithium for that 3 points of extra damage isn't worth it to me.

Did I have success with my Spirals? Yes I did. But I also posted that I had received similar DPS results using Romulan Plasma Beam Arrays which had the Acc and CrtH modifiers, while using the same build. Granted, while using the Romulan Beam Arrays, I had switched my Tactical Consoles from Disruptor based to Plasma based; so I did modify the build somewhat. The point is that the weapons could be swapped out to another type (and with some other mods) and see similar results by another player.