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I don't pop mine till i'm at 30% anyway i can easily recover from that by myself and 80% of the time i have a team that knows excatly what i'm doing and i get me some nice cookies for hull when they see that buff kick in...

Play the game with team mates that complement each other a Tank, Healer and 3 dps you will have alot more fun and complain less about shizit on the forum's

Good Luck And Have Fun Out There...
That sounds nice indeed. Still we can not always have that luck.

Tactical Space traits:
Go down fighting doubles resistance.
Criticals debuff your target to loose 4.8 accuracy, stacks 3 times.
Tactical ground:
Your attacks have a chance to boot crit chance by 2.5% , stacks 3 times I think.
Your grenades expose for a few seconds.

Science Space :
Sci space:
Incoming energy damage increases your exotic damage by 10% . stacks 3 times
All your shield heals reduce the cooldown on photonic fleet by 15 sec
Ground ones :
All your heals heal enemy shields and give 50% damage res for 4 seconds
25 bonus damage dealt to confused or debuffed targets.

Engineer space:
Using a battery will give a smaller power level raise to the other 3 subsystems.
If you take more then 20% hull damage in 5 seconds, Miracle worker instantly finishes the cooldown. This can only trigger every 90 seconds, and needs miracle worker to be on a cooldown, obviously.
Engineer grounds:
Damage resistance and health regen to all your drones and fabrications.
When you are hit by an energy weapon, your shields adapt to it, giving 5% resistance to that energy type. This stacks 3 times. However it can only resist one energy type at once.

So far, science ones seem fine. 30% exotic damage boost? Oh sounds lovely!

Engineer... the battery one seems a bit lacklustre. Maybe with 9 skill points into starship batteries skill this is useful.

Tactical ones... well, the ground ones are fine, the space ones are...tanking.
Tankticals ... are we sure we want tacticals to tank, and not deal a lot of damage?
Let us wear Swimsuits on Foundry maps or bridges please! I would pay zen for that.

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