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03-28-2013, 10:06 PM
Originally Posted by xanime0x View Post
i been in game from the start so i know what happened
My post was in reference to the poster above you about their opinion Cryptic making a big mistake about selling out to PWE. Developers have no decision over what publishers do. If PWE wanted to close down STO, then they can as shown by City of Heroes and NCSoft.

Originally Posted by nightstalker61 View Post
The point is for people to try other games, this is clearly aimed at people who have never played STO. I bought the Founder's Pack to support the game not for the fluff. If no one puts any money towards the game(s) there would not be any STO or any other game that carries F2P. Face it, we live in a world that is run by money and you need money to pay the devs, artists, model makers, and etc or you have no game, people have to make a living (After all this is not a Star Trek world but reality). People should be thanking subscribers and LTS since without them, you would have nothing.
Amazing how many people make the claim about this reward sucks. The items clearly imply that the rewards are only good for a few hours. Your remark about people should be thanking subscribers and LTS is something I have a slight issue with. PWE has tons of games with no subscriptions. Sure they help, but I am under the impression that without the LTS in STO and CO, then STO and CO would have absolutely no subscription. LTSers need to be compensated for their subscription since it is supposed to be for the lifetime of the game. This is easily seen by how bad the subscription model is compared to other games. Other freemium MMOs are trying to force players to still subscribe to their games while STO and CO is trying to force players to not pay a subscription anymore.