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03-28-2013, 11:29 PM
Originally Posted by djdamc View Post
Do the last 3 pts in Threat Control really give a 10% defence bonus??
Yep. I don't understand it personally. To give some idea, I went from a build where at max throttle I had ~44% bonus defense. I'd had 6 points in starship maneuvers and threat control, 6 in starship engine performance and 9 in starship warp core efficiency. When I respecced, I left 6 in maneuvers, put 9 in threat control because I wanted the extra hull resistance, reduced starship engine performance to 3 and warp core efficiency to 6 and also reskilled ground so I could put 6 points in starship attack patterns. I have a ship that moves ever so slightly slower now ... yet bonus defense is just under 55% - Sense, this makes none, unless threat control is adding bonus defense.

So yes, I put the last three points into threat control and got 10% bonus dodge... This confuses me terribly. I'd reskilled this way under the impression that I'd be getting 1.8% more hull resistance; the way I'm thinking about it is worst case if I can't move and I'm getting pummelled, a little extra hull resistance is better than dodge. ... And then I got 10% more dodge and 0.4% more hull resistance. Whaaaat?! On the plus side this 10% dodge buff is present all the time, even when I'm not moving, so it does in fact help me in the worst case, just not in the manner I was expecting.