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Originally Posted by asimosa View Post
What? No. The experimental beam drains no weapon power, basically making it a replacement for a torpedo. Even if it's not being boosted by console damage upgrades, it's still worth slotting (though probably in a rear slot) simply because it means your other beams do more damage, while still being boosted by Fire at Will and the like. It's basically a must-have for beam cruisers, and if you have a galor, you're flying a beam cruiser.
Originally Posted by scbypwr View Post
Thanks for the advice.

I have access to the omega torp but I have been using the romulan torp to gain the three piece bonus for the exp. plasma ba.

As the above poster says...the exp. plasma beam hits harder than a turret and does not sap any power. The three piece bonus is an addition BO1 power that works decently enough.

I dont necessarily believe in needing the three piece set bonuses for the maco stuff. The two piece bonus is nice and the romulan engine provides a lot of speed to get around maps at full impule if needed and also provides a buff to attack patterns.

Concerning the flow capacitors. The polarized disruptor beam arrays have a polaron proc which is buffed by the console.

Anyone know if there is benefit to stacking the romulan consoles? Plus the two of them also buff the plasma beam array along with the set bonus.
You're both right in that it doesn't drain power and everything. I just saw that and my mind automatically says, 'rainbow boat!!! kill it! kill it with fire!' without actually thinking.

Anywho, putting that aside...

Yeah, using the romulan set with the BA, console, and torp is an excellent trio. Plasma Hyperflux is a great for debuffing a target and increasing a whole team's DPS.

Hmm, seeing more of your reasoning behind your choices, and I understand why you'd want it like that.

And duh on me, forgetting about the obvious polaron proc on your polarized disruptors, considering I have TWO toons that exclusively use those in the first place.

By Romulan consoles you mean the romulan science consoles? Yes they do stack. If you mean plasma procs/damage boosts, yes those stack; though plasma procs on non-plasma weapons will only stack to 3, but the damage part has no limit. Also, the + and - threat stack accordingly, along with if you choose to use the shield and hull heal procs. All of em can stack.

Now, I'm curious, what do you think of running an A2B build, and/or a single cannon build as I mentioned in my previous post?

Also, purely as an alternative, the Jem'hader space set, it buffs polaron damage, and also...the Galor can use the 'Victory is Life' proc off the three-piece bonus, which only the Jem'hader ships can otherwise use.

I myself, when I fly my own Galor, run all three of the above: A2B build, with single cannons and turrets (polaron) while running the Jem'hader set.

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