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Originally Posted by polie05 View Post
Nice fail Crpytic! You now offer the lobi store set you buy for 150 lobi's for free on the rep system.

You owe me $40 worth of keys to buy the Lobi!

Click that above link so you can see what I'm on about.
That's kind of nice. You can get it whenever you want with Lobi, or grind out all the dilithium and marks necessary to get it from the Rep system.

Looks like it'd set a not-entirely-terrible precedent for the Temporal, Ferengi, and Jem'Hadar gear/rep stuff to come. Of course, they may go back and make the Lobi-store variants Technicolor-grade to keep them valuable with your gear getting buffed retroactively.

Originally Posted by renimalt View Post
Grim: From what I've seen, you're limited to 9 traits total at level 50. No restriction on how they're divvied up between ground and space. Also note that these traits aren't final, as explained by a dev elsewhere; the 4th science trait probably hasn't been thought up/implemented yet.
So that sounds like there's a good chance there will be a lot of traits, then. Thank you. Still poo on more Photonic Fleet spam.

Originally Posted by renimalt View Post
The t2 tholian rep stuff looks pretty standard; additional hull vs. increased bleedthrough. I'm curious as to whether the t2 shield penetration one actually adds additional damage to each attack, a la DEM, or whether it just affects how much of an attack goes to shields vs. how much goes to hull. The t4 bonus will definitely be good for sci ships or aux-based healboats (like myself!).
It's definitely a nice bump for torpedo boats and mine layers! Not sure if it'll be enough to make me want to mess with Aux-cannons for the Vesta.
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