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03-29-2013, 03:00 AM
If I would be seriously interested in NWO (which I'm not) I'd might consider it; but not for the STO items.

If I would be stinkin rich & would have no second thoughs about throwing money for some neat stuff in my favourite MMO I would NOT buy it. I cannot imagine anyone not interested in NWO spending money for this because of the STO items.

While indeed a powerful ship for a lt. rank there is nothing of longterm value in this package. Put in a few unique costumes, maybe a special ship for Admiral/General ranks or a unique bridge. Stuff you can have fun with regardless of rank & fraction. Then I would be at least annoyed to not have 200 bucks to blow away & I'm pretty sure your financial far better suited players would be interested to spend money on this even if they are not interested in Neverwinter