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03-29-2013, 04:28 AM
Originally Posted by shpoks View Post
Aham....sooo...I'll be waiting for Alexander The Great to establish the Great Macedonian Empire once more and chase those pesky Persians back to where they belong.
Since you obviously have not read the History of the KDF and Cryptic You need to educate your self. If You have read it, you'd know what History he was referencing to.

Cryptics "Track Record" on making improvements for the KDF speaks volumes. Granted the volumes are filled with push-backs and delays and flat out lies, but it's still volumes.

As for Earths Repeating History, you can take that as literal as you want. The USA is the new Roman Empire, not literally like you'd Assume but figuratively like the saying is meant to be.

"...just look at my track record for making the improvements that I said we would with the KDF and judge by that." - Dan Stahl