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03-29-2013, 04:35 AM
you are making a fallacious argument there.

You are trying to bring in canon-logic into STO, which has departed the canon on a rocket a looooong time ago.

The issue is with the size of the miranda, rather that she's too big:
This is true as far as canon might be concerned, but then again the idea of building a carrier that carries smaller frigates into battle is just asinine from that perspective so lets not go there.

As for ingame: Neither klingon nor Fekiri nor Dominion Carrier actually have the size to in any logical way shape or form support these bops, frigates and bugships. It Just does not fit, so please kiss the size argument goodbye, it has no value here. You can bring up size inconsistency as much as you want, ingame we see what we see: freaking huge bops and bugships and fekiri frigs spawned without any sort of logistical constraint, and in the case of the karfi and dreadnought: not even with freaking hangar doors.

So, there is no reason not to give the feds bigger hangar pets for their carriers, and create one for the recluse too (orb weaver, naturally usable by weaver owner only if you want to mimic the jemmy **** move).

Heck, i would go as far and say that feds should be able to slot "holografic emitters" into hangar bays that will randomly spawn either holo frigate, or holo cruisers or holo escorts.

Atrox should get a frig that mounts dual cannons and keeps inline the design aesthetics of the Atrox.

btw: Do not tell me holo ships are an idiotic idea: Holo vorchas summoned by kdf scis regularly drop freaking bioneurals into the fight....

In fact the whole holoship concept needs expanding. Because that is the singularly "cool" ability that sci's get: Summon holo ships.