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I know MT is amazing (I get to play on teams with him), but he's not a Developer and it's very unlikely he had seen the 7 to 11 min cooldown issue at that time.

Bort has stated its a bug and not WAD. I think that's pretty clear to every reasonable player.

This was out there a mouth ago and there was no dev. response what so ever. Now when it's applied effectively and gets QQ reviews its fix time. Just remember that's how it works around here. If SOB reports and then make a tread about a skill that needs to be looked at no one care and nothing happens. If a SOB player applies said combo it?s dam diabolical and needs to be fix less this is how I feel it?s worked for the last few years. Until next time see you all around out there.

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02-22-2013, 09:18 AM

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Thx for the feedback all. Yes MT we had 1 person with bp in that match before we had it perfected. Now im sure that means that we wont see you guys use such a useless skill. Ive noticed that timed properly with the help of a certain doff and a certain ability you can put someones cooldowns on all boff powers and weapons on like an 11 minute cooldown. Wow not being able to shoot for 11 minutes useless i guess. With the tt only stopping the cooldown from going higher and eng team only clearing the disable god forbid someone would time something around a tac team nothing will bring back your cooldowns. So with that being said this combo is not easy to get off i know no one wants to work at anything they just want to have there macro work for them. If you can get the combo off and it hits you once i can maintain the extended cooldowns forever.In a premade 5v5 this is harder to do but in 1v1 it is very nasty and easy since once i get the cooldowns extended you have no ability to shootdown shockwave etc so my next boarding party hits freely and the next if your still alive. I wont say the exact combo because i dont want to get hit with this in pvp by the premades that will most likely abuse it im sure you guys can figure it out with a little testing. So i think a skill that extends cooldowns has a 10 second disable for all subsystems shields included and requires alot of teams to counter could be useful lol.Oh and by the way this works awesome on the hive queen.If this post is hard to read im sorry im just a computer noob who doesnt type much my editor thissler might clean it up for me lol. And the only cooldowns this doesnt affect are captain abilities and teams.Good luck all i hope cryptic can look into this before it becomes a problem.I think hank has a screenshot of being at earth space dock and still haveing 3 minute cooldowns on everything. S.O.B. will not be useing this and i hope the rest of the fleets will also do the same but my goal is to get some of you guys that know more then i do to test this and report to cryptic your findings so that maybe we can use it without it being broken because i think the skill could still be useful.