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03-29-2013, 06:30 AM
What is your RP story? Where does your character come from and what does the future hold? Find the answers to those questions and more when you explore STO with the Alpha Centauri Institute, one of the game's most established fleets. We welcome all types of RP that are respectful of other players and encourage everything from casual RP to full-blown episodes. Our goal is to help you find a story for your character, then to grow that character through RP and game-play in the direction you want to go as together we seek to expand the boundaries of Trek and RP with STO.

The ACI welcomes officers, civilians, researchers, non-allied races, and ambassadors. If you like no-drama, mature RP and game-play, and a cooperative and friendly fleet environment, the ACI could be for you. We are a fleet of about 25-30 active players, many with active alts, in timezones across North America and Europe. Our members have varied and changeable work and life schedules and it is possible that you might go for periods of time in the vast reaches of space without interaction other officers, but the ACI is always out there, backing you up and ready to assist in RP or game-objectives.

If your character is looking for a fleet to call home, a place to develop your story and your vision, visit us at and put in your application today, or peruse our character files at and read the exploits of members past and present.

Interested officers should check out our website or PM me in-game @WereWolf359.
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