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You've taken many of our unique consoles, you can run around as any race wielding our bat'leths, you even have some of our unique missions given over to you, and you don't even need to be in the KDF to play as a Klingon. You have an entire game developer that caters to you, and gives you new shinys far more often than they do the KDF. Now you want our cloaks?

Now can some of you understand why people feel so strongly against giving another KDF exclusive item to the Feds? We have so little left to call our own now thanks to threads such as these filled with Feds begging for more. I think the preferential treatment you've received from the past 3 years more than makes up for not having a cloaking device on your ship.

If CBS is against having a T5 Constitution Class ship in this game I doubt they'd be willing to grant cloaking devices for fed ships. Its already a stretch granting cloaking devices to all those defiants in the game.


seems the KDF will need an exclusive pacifier to cope with all this QQ

PS: surprisingly enough some of the saucer section of certain klingon ships already look like a pacifier.
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