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03-29-2013, 07:13 AM
That could well be my issue. Once this ody bug is taken care of I'll actually dedicate some time to flying as a beam boat, instead of just trying to parse them. Actually walk a mile in the shoes.

Thanks for the idea.

Edit: Things are still very preliminary, I'm not running any group content until this saucer sep trolling is taken care of, but I have some early results that surprised me.

While my single target DPS is pretty abysmal, my multi target DPS is pretty good. Peaking up at 7.5k, and this is without refinements, just the "toss some gear, pick a build, kill some junk mobs"

It could be simply that I've been attempting to use beams in the wrong applications all this time. I seriously hoped that this was the case. Again, these results are preliminary at best, but I must say I have gone from skepticism to optimism.
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