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I went to New Romulus and had to sit through the cutscene of first landing there. The characters stop walking in mid-stride even though they continue to speak.

Temporal Ambassador mission. I know this one should not be there being the early Ambassador mission but the mission guy just would not shut up about it. So I did it so he would leave me alone. Again, characters in cutscenes stop walking mid-stride but continue to talk.

Then at the end I get beamed aboard the Temporal ship (why T'Nea did not get taken off the Enterprise C I still don't get but that's just a plothole and not a bug I guess), but instead of my character appearing on the ship, the Enterprise C appears on the ship. I guess they have a shrinking ray now? Otherwise we should know it's a bug but MMO's of late have said every thing gone wrong is "working as intended but we will fix it".

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