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Like it says in the title: some new traits for player captains, traits that are for your captain's race and a specific trait based on your character's career choice. Kinda interesting. If anyone has anything opinions on it, bring it here and discuss. e.g. conservation of energy passive for engineering characters only. Also I wasnt sure if i was reading things right but i might have seen 5 overall traits for a liberated borg science toon that I created on tribble.

Also Nukara prime reputation is up on tribble too. passives from each level are kinda interesting. Check them out too and discuss them here. e.g. the offensive vs defensive buff in skills based on auxiliary power choice: what would you choose?

p.s. i'm posting this in the general community forum so that people are aware that there is tribble stuff to view and to promote more people to check into tribble.

EDIT: More detailed post in discussion forum
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