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03-29-2013, 08:39 AM
I heard reports that the +100% was a temporary typo, and that the latest people who've looked at that GDF resist boost say it's only +10%. Not huge, but it definitely makes GDF much, much more attractive.

Don't overestimate the bonus that Grace Under Fire gives. MW every 1m 30s under constant focus fire isn't that powerful, since MW's heals themselves aren't exceptional (and don't provide resists/debuff cleansing/etc. Actually, MW probably should have received the resist buff that GDF got. Tacs and their shiny toys...). Not to say it won't be nice, but it doesn't quite address the underlying flaws of MW as a 4min ability.

Plus, I'm a little curious about the "take 20% of hitpoints in damage over 5s". Does that mean it'll trigger when the total shield + hull damage over 5s is equal to 20% of our hull? Or does it actually mean that we have to lose 20% of our hull in 5s for it to trigger?

I have to say, the batteries-related Eng trait was seriously underwhelming. Using an Engines battery resulted in a +10 power boost to the other system for 10s. Whoohoo, break out the champagne! Now, if EPS Manifold Efficiency caused EPS Power Transfer to unlock the 125 power cap on subsystems, allowing people to, say, run 200 Aux and gain temporary super-heals, that would be really nice...

Sci's photonic capacitor looks like it'll be amusing but not game-changing. You could probably get Photonic Fleet down to around 1:30 - 2:00 CD, but since it's mostly for lolz, it'll probably just allow Scis to pop it to have a little photonic entourage for their victory laps. Conservation of energy looks interesting; the application mechanic suggests a direct synergy with FBP, but I'm curious to see how people will use with with EWP and such.

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