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Originally Posted by xavierprotocols View Post
The Klingons won't get content from level 1, come April 1st they will be like April Fools...You gullible fools...Ha been 3 years and you actually think we would make content now? Boy what some people will believe.

Would seem like an STO April fool's gag anyway
*pencils in "xavierprotocols" to the head of list for time in the agonizer booth today*

To that other fella. I do the KDF ombat scientist a lot myself.

of course the typical complaint is.. "Hey, its a ground stf. I could use some healing here!"

my typical reply is pretty much "Oh, didn't bring your own hypo's? Rub two tribble and call me in the morning."

I'm all into preventitive health maintainence. I belive in killing the bad guy before he kills you.
In space I use a battlecruiser for my sci with the engineer BOFF's and DOFF's to keep the ship healthy. While I command, and do that who-do? That vodoo, that I do, soOOOOOOooooo welllllll!

KDF sci ships had best be movers with guns... really bothers me that the best KDF sci ship in the game happens the be a Federation ship.

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