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03-29-2013, 09:06 AM
Still wondering what the Refracted Tetryon will be... wondering if they'll be additional bleed - as in the the beams are pre-refracted to deal with the refraction that might take place when hitting the shields, etc, etc, etc.

Will be curious if that 5% DEM goes live.

Will APO counter the Web Mines...if not...Web Mines and Warp Poo for that pesky Escort on your butt, eh?

Will the Nukara Particle console add even more CrtH? What kind of CrtH are folks going to be looking at...and...what does that mean for the Escorts with Crippling Fire? Applying a -14.4% Accuracy Debuff (3 stacked from crits).

Consider the following:

Elusive (+10% Defense), 9 Maneuvers (+15%), Escort (+10%), Aegis 2pc (+5%), Aegis Engines (+5%), >24 Impulse (+45% Dense) - so before EM/SFM/APO/etc or other gear - you're at +90% Bonus Defense.

Accurate (+10% Accuracy), 9 Targeting (+15%), [Acc]x3 (+30%) - so not counting any other gear - you're looking at +55% Bonus Accuracy.

That would give you a 74% To-Hit.

They 3stack Crippling on you. 66.9% To-Hit.

Course, they're going to have APO, EM, SFM, etc mixed in - so it would be even lower - and - with Crippling even lower than that.

Which I guess gets back to the Web Mines, eh?

Depending on how they handle that GDF thing...if they go back to a scaling or they they leave it at the 50%, well... they're basically increasing the mitigation and avoidance of Escorts again. While also offering additional ways to boost damage which they obviously excel at.

No, this isn't a nerf Tac thing. It's a Cryptic doesn't think about all the stuff they add and how it benefits Tac/Escort the most. Base Tac/Escort is fine (might even need to be buffed) - it's all the stuff that keeps getting added that's the problem.

Though, if they do the GDF thing at 50%...then they should really consider giving Tac a different ability and moving that somewhere else - or - making an Eng/Sci ability a 50% ability (while obviously boosting the other side of that to make it valuable as a 50% ability).

Still way too early in this to have any appreciation for just how bad this could end up, eh?

Should be interesting...should be that Chinese curse, to live in interesting times...yeah, should be interesting.

edit: Bah, hate merged threads - this post is in a different context outside of the PvP forums.
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