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03-29-2013, 09:12 AM
OK yeah, I thought you might have been referring to the cannons it fires that cut through your shields whenever you pass by it during infected.

The invisible torpedo of doom has been an ongoing issue. There have been numerous theories as to what causes this damage.

1 - The Borg have developed a cloaked High Yield 5 plasma/tricobalt hybrid torpedo.

2 - The Borg use transporter technology when a shield is down to transport said plasma/ tricobalt hybrid inside your warp core containment field...and detonate it.

3 - The have a borg drone that only has legs and a plasma/tricobalt device that is transported to your bridge, After taking the time to moon everyone, he detonates himself.

4 - LaQutus gave the Borg the secret masterkey self-destruct codes for all federation ships.

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