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Originally Posted by maxvitor View Post
Ya I kind of figured it was that, we end up with something silly because of the MMO equivalent of the dodo bird.
The problem isn't his coms, although it is unrealistic having him hailing you during a covert insertion. The problem is the com window needing to be closed over and over again. There are a couple of times during the sequence where a com from Kurland slides in from the side, he says his bit, then it slides back out on it's own, I think most players would prefer that to having to stop everything to keep closing com popup windows. It's not a game breaker the way it is, but it takes away from the immersion and realism of an otherwise cool sequence. As for falling through the hole in the promenade, yes they either need to fix the map so you can't climb up there, change the forcefield into a "solid window" with an effect, or set it to trigger loading the promenade map.
I'd like a trigger to continue the mission from that point. I like the idea of having different options to complete the mission, but the way it is now you can't complete the mission unless you go thru the hatch to the banking room.
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