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03-29-2013, 09:57 AM
seriously, people are crying canon over this?

quick review. only ONE defiant EVER had a cloak, it was a one time agreement between starfleet and the romulans. it was latter destroyed with no conformation if it was replaced(not that it would since at the time there was whole fleets of cloaked ships fighting the dominion and dominion intel was its only purpose when it was given)no other defiant was ever shown to have one

the gal-x had one because the romulan empire was completely distroyed buy the klingons in that timeline so the treaty was null(not true in game empire is still there just not very stable and the federation honors its treaty)

the only reason thise 2 ships have cloaks is because the fans of the ships would cry foul if they didnt if for nothing other than "it did in the show"(if you drop the anti-kling bias most feds have you have to admit at least thiis much)

the Pegasus phase cloak was illegal and because of its power setup reduced the ship to a crawl or it would blow the power systems or something